Standard roller shutters in aluminium box

Standard Roller Shutters produced of a specially profiled, high-quality aluminium. It constitutes an element of the building facade, protecting from external factors ranging from the atmospheric ones, to the interference of uninvited guests. In connection with the windows, they constitute good thermal insulation, and as a result, reduction of the heat maintenance costs.


Good to know

Under-plaster roller shutter is installed after montage of windows but before the building’s thermal insulation is made. It can be installed on the wall but it’s necessary to take the dimensions of the box into account when planning the insulation of the building. It’s important to provide insulation for the surface between the box and lintel. It’s required to properly prepare window holes so that box of the roller shutter is fully covered by insulation or plaster. We believe that, of all the systems installed during the construction of the building, under-plaster is best to use in polish climate.


standard box

half-round box

quarter-round box