External blinds External blind TYPE C–80

  • Head rail in system 58 x 56 (zinced)
  • Bottom rail and guiding rails made from extruded aluminum
  • Texband (lifting tapes) and ladder made from kevlar fiber (non-inflammable material resistant to mechanical damage)
  • Aluminum slats in C-shape with a “collar”, made from 0,42 mm plate (painted with polyester paint)
  • One electric drive can be use to operate several blinds. Amount of bearings at each side of the motor cannot exceed 5

External Blinds installed on large elevation act as an insulation, help in regulation of the temperature in the interior and don’t hinder air conditioning. Thermal bridge (layer of air which slows down heat transfer) is created between slats and glass. Temperature inside the building can be reduced by 8-90C while temperature outside remains at +350C.