żaluzja fasadowa typ Z-90

External blinds External blind TYPE Z–90

  • Head rail in system 58 x 56 (zinced)
  • Bottom rail and guiding rails made from extruded aluminum
  • Texband (lifting tapes) and ladder made from kevlar fiber (non-inflammable material resistant to mechanical damage)
  • Aluminum slats in Z-shape made from 0,42mm plate (painted with polyester paint)
  • After closing,  –90 creates a tight curtain resistant to sunlight
  • Slats’ guides are made form highly resistant aluminum (not from plastic which doesn’t work well when exposed to high or very low temperature) – they don’t crumble even then exposed to strong wind
  • One electric drive can be use to operate several blinds. Amount of bearings at each side of the motor cannot exceed 5